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About Grappling and referee


Grappling is a wrestling style also called “submission wrestling” or “submission grappling” which consists of controlling the opponent without using striking, in standing position or on the ground after a throw, and to make him or her abandon thanks to immobilisation techniques such as locks. Grappling plays an important role in the practice of Mix Martial Arts (MMA) and can be used as a self-defence technique. It brings together techniques from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling, folk American wrestling (catch-as-catch-can), sambo and judo.

Grappling has been integrated by FILA in 2006 and is managed by the World Grappling Committee whose task is to coordinate and to develop this discipline at the international level. Grappling is one of the most important disciplines of the World and European Wrestling Games organized every year by FILA.

Grappling matches last six minutes and are refereed by a referee, a judge and a mat chairman. Grapplers wear shorts and a tight shirt and are bare foot. The match is interrupted when a grappler who is in a submission situation taps the mat to let know that he or she has been defeated or when the referee considers that he or she will not able to make it without getting hurt and pronounces the word « catch ». Weight categories are split as follows.

Weight categories are split as follows: 

  • Men 62kg, 70kg, 80kg, 92kg and 125kg
  • Women  48kg,  55kg, 63kg and 72kg









pdf World Grappling Committee Internal Regulations

pdf Grappling International Regulations

pdf Regolamento Internacional de Grappling - Español

pdf Regras Internacionais de Grappling - Portugues

pdf FILA Requirements for the organisation of Grappling International Tournaments

pdf FILA Requirements for the organisation of Grappling Continental Championships

pdf FILA Requirements for the organisation of Grappling World Championships

pdf 2008 Educational Guide to Grappling

pdf Basic Rules for scoring table

pdf Regras básicas para mesa de arbitragem  

pdf Scoresheet

Video of Grappling     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFn1CdGduA8 

Licence and insurance: The FILA licence is mandatory for all international grappling competitions with more than two participating countries. Every international competition shall be anounced to FILA and added to its official calendar. The FILA insurance will only apply to competitions which appear in its calendar. The FILA licence allows its holder to take part in all wrestling styles ruled by FILA, i.e. Freestyle, Greco-Roman, Female wrestling, Beach wrestling, Sambo, Grappling and Pangration Athlima.

doc Insurance for the wrestlers

FILA Constitution and regulations: In addition to its own specific rules, the World Grappling Committee, is submitted to the FILA Constitution and various regulations which cover all aspects of the sport of wrestling.

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